Programs and tools I use

Following is a pseudo complete list of all programs and tools I use on a regular basis. The list is for anyone who is either curious or wanting to try any of the programs and tools I use. The list may change with time.

Most tools I use are either suckless, minimal or TUI based. I like using tools that use "vim like" keys and commands, and preferably are only key based.

The list

Operating System

I currently use Void Linux as my main operating system, due to it’s simplicity and minimalistic nature. Another important reason is the rejection of SystemD(estroyer), with runit instead as both init and service manager. Void Linux isn’t a fork from any other Linux distribution and is instead created from scratch together with its package manager xbps.


For an interactive shell I use loksh, a Linux port of OpenBSD’s ksh (KornShell). For all non-interactive POSIX shell scripts I use dash.

Display manager

When my computers boot I have a simple login using agetty. After login I’m prompted with a modified version of cdm, the console display manager.

Window Manager

When I’m in need of more than just a vterm I use dwm, the dynamaic window manager, as my WM. Dwm is a so called tiling window manager, with the goal of using all available screen area for productivity. However it’s not magic, the rest is of course up to you.

Together with dwm I use ztatus for notifications and status updates.

Terminal Emulator

I use st, the simple terminal, as my terminal emulator. It consists of around 3K LOC, supports 256 colors (and true colors), UTF-8, and more.


The fonts I mainly use are hack and M+

Text editor and IDE

My main text editor is vim, with as few plugins as possible. The plugins I use I have written myself to be as minimal as possible. Together with vim I use gdb for debugging and testing code.

File manager

When default core programs aren’t enough I use vifm. Most of the time core programs are enough though.

Web browsers

My web browsing tools are more diverse than other categories. For simple fetching I use either wget or curl, but for more casual browsing I use either w3m, surf or vimb depending on the need for graphical rendering. However surf is the browser I use most times.


For emailing I use neomutt, together with offlineimap and msmtp. Another tool for communication is irssi running on a remote raspberry pi.

Audio and video

I use mpv together with youtube-dl for both viewing and listening on videos and music. For listening to tracks and mixes on SoundCloud I use ncscpl.

RSS and subscriptions

I don’t have any so called social media accounts, but I like watching videos on youtube for both education and pleasure. My solution and alternative to subscriptions through Google is using the RSS reader newsboat with RSS feeds from youtube channels.

Image and document rendering

My image viewer is the versatile program sxiv, and for reading PDFs I use zathura.

Other programs worth mentioning


Lossless image format, together with useful tools for converting to and from farbfeld (.ff). I store many of my images in farbfeld, compressed with gzip (.ff.gz).


Super useful dynamic menu, that I use for a lot of things.


Image manipulator, that I use for various image manipulation tasks.


Terminal multiplexer, that I mainly use for persistent ssh sessions on remote machines.


A simple Xrandr-aware program to set your wallpaper.