About me

Political view?

I don't ideologically lean in any specific "direction". However, my views in general mainly correlate with liberalism and anarchism. Simply put, live and let live, don't assume authority over other people, and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Social media?

If you try to find me on so called "social media", you won't. It's nothing more than a collection of mega marketing platforms tricking people into giving up their time and privacy for marketing goals. Here is a good read about the issue.

Programming languages I currently use, or have used

To avoid creating a long list I will name the languages I feel worth naming, and leave out languages like brainfuck, markup languages and other non-programming languages. I've worked as a so called development engineer, so I've come in contact with a lot of different languages during that time.

C, the language of Unix, is the main language I use, which is by far my favorite. It's fast, precise and, given a good hacker, can look absolutely beautiful. C was one of the first languages I learned using.

Haskell, an advanced, purely functional programming language. It's amazing for purely mathematical functions and of course works for most other things too. Its so called lazy evaluation makes it easy to work with large to infinite data sets.

Python is another language I like to use, not for it's ^hyper optimized performance^, but for it's fast way of prototyping ideas. Python is almost never the language I use for a finished result.

JavaScript is NOT a language I use, anymore. I used to use it quite a lot for a while, writing so called web applications. They often worked very well at first, but due to web applications nature they grew too much and too fast, and web browsers can never find any common way of implementing JavaScript. JavaScript is also a nightmare to debug due to its "forgiving nature" and willingness to ignore errors instead of failing hard when it should. JavaScript just accepts anything you throw at it, and not in a good way. Global variables makes your life a living hell, where you never know what will and have affected them. Avoid it!