Chris Noxz

Welcome to my personal page, which has taken some years to create — not due to its massive amount of content and extensive design, but rather a lack of priority. To keep my internet footprint low, you won’t find any fancy JavaScript, cookies, trackers, or flashy design here. Instead, you will only find readable content with a clean and simple design.

About this site

This site is rendered through groff to static HTML files, so there is no need for any preprocessors running on any servers, causing any delay for either me or you. If you want to use the content on this site, please read this copying policy first. This site should be readable in any web browser, and there should be no need for any JavaScript engines or third-party plugins. If you find any errors in the content or how it is being rendered, please let me know.

If you have any legitimate critique of my articles, feel free to send me an email and I might make a correction. I currently don’t have a feature for making comments on my posts, so this should work for now.

Any changes made to this site or my published software projects will be listed in the changelog.

About me

I’m a hacker, also known as z0noxz, previously working as a system developer and now studying to become a high school teacher in mathematics, science, programming, and computer engineering. If you want to get in touch with me, I’m usually available through email at You can read all about my projects and the software I’ve both created and use.

All the source code for software I’ve created and published should be available here. If you cannot find the source code, please let me know as it should be available.

I’ve also uploaded and shared what I find to be important and critical manifestos related to hacking, privacy, and information technologies.

Encrypted messaging?

You can get my GPG public key for sending me messages. Please use it if you can, and if you have trouble using it, have a look here.

Public keys

# Add my public ssh key to your machine, if you want me to access it 
mkdir -p ˜/.ssh; curl >> ˜/.ssh/authorized_keys 

Happy hacking!

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