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author: Chris Noxz <>
date:   Sun, 12 Mar 2023 17:17:16 +0100
add new article about and cpu spikes
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+.ds YEAR    2023
+.ds MONTH   March
+.ds DAY     11
+.ds DATE    \*[MONTH] \*[DAY], \*[YEAR]
+.ds TITLE   Sites like are causing CPU overload
+.ds AUTHOR  Chris Noxz
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+web browser
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+I have disabled JavaScript access to the clipboard in my browser settings and
+have recently experienced frustration with the behavior of in
+continually checking for clipboard support. I have discovered that
+erroneously checks for clipboard support by checking the
+without taking into account whether the
+.ICD navigator.clipboard
+object is undefined, which can lead to an infinite loop that spikes CPU usage.
+I have found a temporary workaround by defining and injecting the
+.ICD navigator.clipboard
+object myself, creating a dummy object with the read and write functions set
+to zero (or some arbitrary non-function value). This solution effectively stops
+the infinite loop from occurring and tricks the website into thinking that
+clipboard support is disabled.
+(function() {
+/* fix: when sites ask for a clipboard such as
+ * in navigator-clipboard.js causing CPU-overload! */
+navigator.clipboard = {
+	read  : 0,
+	write : 0,
+It's important to note that other users who have not disabled clipboard access
+in their browser settings may not have experienced this issue. However, the
+solution provided may still be helpful for those who have disabled clipboard
+access and are experiencing similar issues with's clipboard support