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+.ds TITLE   Introducing Adji \(en a Decisive and Joyful Internet browser
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+web browser
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+If you're someone who spends a significant amount of time browsing the internet,
+you understand the importance of having a reliable, secure, and efficient web
+browser. Adji, a web browser named after my wife, aims to provide just that,
+with a touch of joy and decisiveness.
+.PIMG adji.png
+The idea of developing Adji came from my desire to move away from the bloated
+web browsers. While popular browsers like Brave have their advantages, I found
+myself frustrated with the constant updates, sluggishness, and lack of
+customization options. I began to seek out a more minimalist alternative that
+would provide the essential features I need without the bloat.
+Having used
+.URL vimb ,
+a lightweight and customizable browser that uses a
+minimalist interface and keyboard-driven navigation, I was convinced that I
+wanted a browser with keyboard-driven navigation. However, as much as I liked
+vimb, I found that it was still lacking in certain areas and too bloated for
+my taste.
+That's when I had the idea to create Adji. I wanted to develop a browser that
+took the core principles of minimalist browsers and expanded upon them,
+providing additional features and customization options to make the browsing
+experience even better. I wanted a browser that would be catered to my specific
+needs while still remaining simple and easy to use.
+Having built smaller WebKit-based browsers using Python, I still felt the need
+for a better understanding of how to implement WebKit using C. Fortunately, I
+stumbled upon
+.URL lariza ,
+a simple web browser that uses GTK+ 3, GLib, and WebKit2GTK+. By studying the
+source code of lariza and the documentation for GTK, GLib, and WebKit2GTK, I
+was able to gain a deeper understanding of how to implement WebKit in C and how
+to build my own browser that met my specific needs. While Adji is unique in many
+ways, the inspiration and knowledge gained from examining other browser's code
+and documentation was an essential part of its development.
+Adji is designed to be user-friendly, fast, and customizable, making it an
+ideal choice for anyone who values simplicity and efficiency. The browser's
+minimalist design allows for a distraction-free browsing experience, while its
+powerful features ensure that you have all the tools you need to surf the web
+Adji allows you to route every HTTP request through a designated proxy URI,
+which is especially useful when you want to keep your browsing activities
+anonymous. The browser also supports customizable environment variables, which
+you can set up using your
+.ICD ~/.profile
+file. This ensures that Adji works seamlessly with your system, providing a
+smooth browsing experience.
+Adji's interface is simple and intuitive, with easy-to-use navigation tools
+that allow you to move seamlessly from one page to another. The browser also
+supports multiple tabs, which makes it easy to manage and switch between
+multiple web pages at once.
+The browser comes with built-in ad-blocker functionality using regex powered
+redirection, preventing annoying pop-ups and trackers from following your every
+move online. You can adjust the aggressiveness of your regex patterns according
+to your preferences. You can search the web for regex patterns specifically
+designed for blocking ads. Here is a sample of the patterns I use:
+# ad and tracking blockers
+In conclusion, Adji's a Decisive and Joyful Internet browser that
+lives up to its name, providing a browsing experience that is both decisive and
+joyful. Try Adji today and see for yourself. You can find the source code and
+.URL // here .