Satan GH60 (RevCHN)

This tool is used for creating my configuration for a Satan GH60 RevCHN mechanical keyboard. There are three parts to this tool, the configuration (including keymap.c, config.h &, the compilation and the flashing to the AVR microcontroller.

My keyboard consists of a 4 layer configuration, the base layer, function layer with some XF86 keys, arrow keys layer and a pseudo mouse layer. See keymap.c for specifics.


Before being able to compile the source code the QMK firmware is needed, which can be cloned using git clone The avr-gcc compiler is also needed together with some other prerequisites (read more on

Before being able to flash the microcontroller the TKG toolkit is needed and configured. Clone using git clone cd into tkg-toolkit and run ./ For a Satan GH60, you'll choose:

 2. GH60 RevCHN
 Y (continue)
 1. Default
 1. atmel_dfu


When all is prepared the firmware with my config can be compiled and flashed using:

 make flash

get source here.