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author: Chris Noxz <>
date:   Fri, 22 Jul 2022 14:28:54 +0200
add new article about acst and deduplication
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+.ds YEAR    2022
+.ds MONTH   July
+.ds DAY     22
+.ds DATE    \*[MONTH] \*[DAY], \*[YEAR]
+.ds TITLE   Deduplication of my NAS
+.HnS 0
+.B "\*[DATE]"
+After developing
+.URL // acst ,
+I realized that the generated and stored checksum could be used for duplicate
+detection on my NAS. The detection could also be done fairly quickly. The
+result is, of course, dependent on checksums being created or corrected fairly
+recently as no checksums are being computed during the duplicate check.
+When testing this (keep in mind that my NAS is a Raspberry PI with disks
+connected over USB), I was able to detect duplicates in 100,000 files in 1.5
+seconds. That's fast enough for me.
+I implemented the feature into
+.ICD acst
+with the added argument
+.ICD -d ,
+using the
+.URL "merge sort"
+algorithm as a means for detecting duplicates.
+I also realized that having a feature for recursively traversing through a file
+tree can be considered an anti-feature when
+.ICD find
+could be used instead with faster results. So, I'm considering removing this
+feature in favor of a smaller code base.