The Lenovo Thinkpad T400

After being tired of being tied to my stationary workstation I finally got myself into buying a laptop. I didn’t want a new fancy laptop I would have to replace in 2 years, due to it being filled with gunk, overheating or in general just fail. Modern laptops tend to be consumables. So, after some research I found that the Lenovo T400 should be stable, easy to fix, and also possible to libreboot (something that I’ve been interested in doing).

I found a rather cheap one with some minor scratches on the top cover and a broken hard drive with a price of around $100. I replaced the keyboard, bought a new SSD, 8 GB of RAM, a new wireless NIC – and it was as good as new. After flashing the BIOS (which meant I had to disassemble everything to access the SPI pins) it gave me a cold boot time of about 10 seconds or less (I haven’t timed it).

This will be my main computer from now on, as it easily replaces my stationary workstation with a docking station I found at a flee market. I will probably buy another one just to be sure I have spare parts in case the motherboard breaks fubar.

Image t400.png